2080 Barbell with Curl Bar Assembly Video

Video Transcript:


BowFlex Select Tech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar assembly video

Begin by selecting an area where you are going to set up and operate your barbell set.

For safe operation the set must be located on a hard level surface please allow a minimum work area of 83.3 inches by 35.7 inches.

Before you begin the assembly please make sure you read the assembly manual thoroughly as it contains important safety warnings and assembly tips.

If you are assembling the barbell with curl bar set and the optional stand with media rack together, refer to the bowflex select tech 2080 stand with media rack assembly video for assembly instructions start the assembly by checking the parts list.

A three millimeter and six millimeter allen wrench are included with your assembly.

Step 1: Attaching the base plates and levelers

Begin step 1 by locating the base tubes part 1 and part 2.
Place the base tubes on a surface with the bottom of the tubes facing up be sure to attach the base plates to the bottom of the tubes so that the label 1a will be right side up after assembly.
Next attach the base plates using four part a screws four part c washers and four part b flat washers.
Hand tighten all screws then fully tighten.

Fully tighten the screws using the six millimeter allen wrench.
Next locate and attach two part four levelers on the outer holes.
Turn the levelers clockwise and insert them about the same height.
Repeat these steps for the opposite side.
Finally turn the base assembly right side up and adjust the levelers so that the assembly is level and stable.
Step one is now complete.

Step 2: Attaching the base end shrouds

Begin step two by placing one part five base end shroud on each end secure the shrouds using four part a screws.
To fit the 80 pound barbell configuration place the shrouds on the inner set of screw holes in the base tubes.
If the barbell will have the 40 pound weight upgrade the 120 pound configuration use the outer set of screw holes in the base tubes.

Place the shrouds in the correct location but do not fully tighten the screws.
The shroud should be able to still slide repeat these steps for the opposite side.
Step 2 is now complete.

Step 3: Attaching the adapter plates

Begin step 3 by locating the barbell handle assembly part number six next attach one part a adapter plate on each end.
Secure the adapter plates using four part d screws each.
Push the plates into place and make sure the adapter plates are oriented correctly.
The screws must enter the countersink holes on the back of the plates.

Fully tighten the screws using the provided three millimeter allen wrench.
Repeat these steps for the opposite side.
Finally repeat these steps and attach two more adapter plates to the curl bar handle assembly after attaching the adapter plates to both handles.
Step three is now complete.

Step 4: Attaching the weight plates and barbell assembly

Begin step four by first placing the selection set of weights part number nine in the base.
Make sure the locking tab at the top of each base end shroud is seated in the selection lip at the top of the back weight plate.

When placing the weight plates in the base assembly, be careful to avoid fingers or hands being caught or pinched.
Set the weight plates into place.
Repeat these steps for the opposite side and be sure that the weight plates are fully seated in the base.

Next put the barbell assembly in the base ensure there are no large gaps between weight plates and all weight plate tabs are aligned and locked together.
Finally to adjust the shrouds push the shrouds inward and tighten the inner screws.
Fully tighten the screws using the provided six millimeter allen wrench to tighten the outer screws it may be necessary to remove the barbell and weight plates.
Fully tighten the outer screws using the provided six millimeter allen wrench.

Repeat these steps for the opposite side.
This adjustment is important for proper function and easier re-racking.
If the barbell is difficult to re-rack after assembly it may be necessary to repeat this process.

Congratulations! Assembly of the bowflex selecttech 2080 barbell with curl bar is now complete.
Before using your barbell set inspect your machine to ensure that all hardware is tight and components are properly assembled.
Do not use until the machine has been fully assembled and inspected for correct performance in accordance with the owner's manual.
Enjoy your BowFlex Selecttech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar.
Brought to you by BowFlex.